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Neighborhood Gourmet
305 Cross River
New Braunfels, TX 78130
Ph. 830-626-3359

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When ordering, please look for a confirmation email that your order was received. If you do not get a reply in a reasonable amount of time, please call 830-626-3359 to check on your order. From now on, every order will be confirmed. You may pay with cash or a local check. Unless noted differently, prices including sales taxes are:

  • Meat dishes, with two sides = $ 20.00 for two servings
  • Beef Rib Eye or NY Beef Loin trip = 1 serving will cost $10.00
  • One quart of soup = $ 13.00
  • Dessert cake or Fruit salad = $2.50 per serving
  • Please note that all prices now include sales tax. I will try to keep my prices constant, but if any menu item ever costs more or less, I will note a special price.

If you are a new customer, please read “Meet Chef Marcien Rusuriye.”

A few Reminders:

Please place your order by 9 p.m. the day before so I have time to complete the shopping. Please pick up your order after Noon and by 6 p.m. – at :

305 Cross River , off Union St.
New Braunfels, TX

If you would like to be removed from the list, please send me an email. If you ever have any suggestions, please call 830-626-3359 or email us;  neighborhoodgourmet @ gmail  .com

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