Weekly menu , Dec 30- 2019–January 3–2020

Weekly menu : Dec30—2019—January 3–2020

Monday Dec 30-2019

1.Stuffed  chicken breast  with bacon and spinach–2 servings $20.00

2.Chicken  spaghetti casserole —2 servings $16.00

3.Chicken cordon blue-supreme sauce-$20.00  for 2 servings

4.Roasted herb  roasted chicken –chicken gravy—2 servings $16.00

5.Roasted herb pork loin  with sherry cream mustard sauce

6.Grilled  beef rib eye- black peppercorn  red wine  sauce $24.00 for 2 servings

7.Chicken and apples nuts salad

.Side dishes: scallop potatoes , jasmine rice ,mashed sweet potatoes,black eyes peas with bacon , broccoli casserole, cream spinach ,toss salad

Tuesday Dec 31

1.Stuffed  chicken breast  with cheddar cheese jalapeno-2 servings $20.00

2.Grilled beef rib eye with black peppercorn sauce—2 servings  for $34.00

3.Seared beef tenderloin  with mushrooms  red wine sauce $36.00 for  2 servings

4.Roasted herb  roasted chicken –chicken gravy—2 servings $16.00

5.Grilled Medailion pork   with smoked chipotle  raspberry graze-2 servings $16.00


.Side dishes: Scalloped  potatoes  , jasmine rice , broccoli with cheese sauce, Herbed green beans ,toss salad , macaroni cheese

Wednesday January 1–2020

1.Chicken Parmesan 2 servings $20.00
2.  Chicken cordon blue, supreme  sauce- 2 servings  for $ 20.00
3.Roasted beef  tenderloin  with mix  peppercorn sauce-$2 servings  for $36.00
4.Grilled medaillion pork  with smoked chipotles raspberry glaze—2 servings $16.00

.5. Roasted herb chicken- chicken gravy 2 servings  for $16.00

7.Chicken and spaghetti casserole  2 servings  for $16.00

Side dishes. spaghetti pasta ,pilaf  rice , garlic mashed    potatoes , ,  mix ,Zuchini and yellow  squash,  cream spinach .toss salad

Thursday January  2-2020

1.Broiled salmon  with lemon  capers sauce  $20.00  for two servings

2.Spinach  and bacon  stuffed chicken breast—-chicken gravy–2 serving $20.00

  1. Beef strogannof- with pasta or not $20.00 for 2 servings

4.Cheese  or chicken or beef enchiladas– 2 servings $16.00

  1. Roasted herb pork loin -2 servings $16.00

Side dishes :garlic mashed  potatoes, jasmine rice,  cream spinach , broccoli casserole  , macaroni cheese

Friday ,January  3- 2020

  1. Chicken cordon blue  with supreme sauce–2 servings $20.00
  2. Beef tenderloin (called tournedos in French) with-mushrooms and tarragon sauce  2 servings for $36.00
  3. Broiled salmon with capers  cream sauce  2 servings $20.00
  4. Chicken fried chicken- country sauce 2 servings $16.00
  5. King ranch chicken casserole -2 servings $16.00
  6. Pork medaillion topped with pineapple  and honey glazaed -2 servings $16.00
  7. Roasted herb chicken and chicken gravy 2 servings $16.00

Side dishes :garlic mashed potatoes, mix squash, macaroni cheese ,  rice pilaf , mix salad


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