Weekly menu August29–September 2–2022

Weekly menu August 29—September 2—2022

Monday August 29—–2022
1.Salisbury steak with mushrooms sauce-$25.00 for 2 servings including tax and pan and lid
2.Cheddar cheese and jalapeno stuffed chicken breast –chicken gravy 2 servings -$25.00 including tax and the cost of pan and lid
3.Bacon and spinach stuffed chicken breast-chicken cream sauce-2 servings for $25.00 including tax and the cost of pan and lid
4.Broiled pork loin with garlic thyme pan sauce -$23.00 including tax and pan and lid
5.Great mountain chicken breast -chicken gravy — 2 servings for -$23.00
6. Beef lasagna -$23.00 for 2 servings
7.Chicken fried chicken with country sauce 2 servings for $23.00
Side dish: ,garlic mashed potatoes , rice pilaf ,Lemon spinach, , broccoli and carrots , macaroni cheese, Salad

Tuesday August 30 –2022
1 Baked .Parmesan chicken with marinara sauce( a side)- 2 servings -$25-00
2.Salisbury steak mushrooms beef sauce –$25.00 for 2 servings
3.Beef sautéed with mushrooms– 2 servings for $25.00
4.Seared chicken breast with cream sauce—2 servings for $23.00
5.King ranch Chicken casserole 2 servings -$23.00
6.Grilled Medallion pork with honey and pineapple sauce 2 servings for $23.00
7. Beef lasagna 2 servings for $20.00 for $23.00

Side dishes :Garlic mashed potatoes, rice pilaf , spaghetti pasta, mix squash with parmesan cheese , steamed broccoli

Wednesday August 31-2022
1. Chicken fried steak with country sauce – $25.00 for 2 servings
2. Baked salmon with herb lemon cream sauce-$27.00 for 2 servings
3.Chicken fried chicken with country sauce -$23.00 for 2 servings
4. Meat loaf 2 servings $23.00
5. Cheese or chicken enchiladas , or Black beans enchiladas, -2 servings for $23.00
6. Broiled pork loin with pineapple and honey sauce-2 servings for $23.00
7.Grilled chicken breast with smocked chipotle and raspberry sauce $23.00
Side dishes : brown rice , sautéed red potatoes, , Mix squash and bell pepper , broccoli carrots, macaroni cheese , pinto beans ,Mix salad

Thursday September 1-2022
1Beef stroganoff– $25.00 for 2 servings
2.Bacon spinach stuffed chicken breast—chicken gravy 2 servings $ 25.00
3. Cream cheese jalapeno cilantro pesto stuffed chicken breast for 2 servings $25.00
4. Chicken Fried chicken with country sauce 2 servings $23.00
5.Beef lasagna -2 servings for $23.00
6.Roasted herb chicken with chicken gravy- 2 servings for $ 23.00
7. Chicken and spaghetti casserole 2 servings for $23.00
Side dishes: Long grain rice, noodles pasta, mashed potatoes , broccoli with cheese sauce , lemon carrots , macaroni cheese
Friday: September 2–2022
1 .Chicken cordon blue with supreme sauce- 2 servings -$25.00
2. Iron beef steak with red wine beef sauce–2 servings – $25.00
3. Baked salmon with lemon capers sauce – 2 servings $27.00
4. Chicken Alfredo- 2 servings-23.00
5.Chicken shish kabob with honey BBQ sauce (a side) 2 servings $23.00
6. Seared chicken breast—chicken gravy sauce-2 servings $23.00
7. King ranch chicken casserole -$23.00 for 2 servings

Side dishes: rice pilaf . spaghetti pasta, scalloped potatoes , Mix squash and belle peppers
, steamed broccoli , salad mix

Monday— Friday August 29—September 3—2022 the new price is including the tax and the cost of pan and lid and cup and lid of sauce
Chicken apple pecan salad , -2 serving for $23.00
These 3 Items we will serve as lunch time from11AM — o clock PM ,Monday–Friday
1.Beef lasagna —with steam broccoli, -1 serving-$11.00 cash or check
2.Roasted herb chicken with chicken gravy and Garlic mashed potatoes, salad,1 serving for $12.00
3.Spaghetti and meat balls casserole ,Mix zucchini-1 serving for $11.00

The price now will be added with the tax and $1.00 for the cost of disposal pan or bring your pans. This is what can help me not to lose my money . The price is high to the groceries store as you know. Thank you
You may order from Monday to Friday
These salad , you may order any day during the week except Saturday and Sunday
Now you may use the Cross river str. to get to the location . Thank you
Time to pick up order now is 12 0 clock to 7 o clock PM if you want your order before noon , let me know you will have it on time, let me know what time you want your order . Thank you so much

If you did not send an order , just call me ask the menu for the day ,and will make it .please I need your order before 9 o clock AM if you are late . Thank you
For the catering : breakfast or lunch or dinner. Ask the menu I will send some options and prices.
You may visit our website to find the weekly menu if you did not get the menu: www.nbchef.info
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