Weekly menu, January 2–6–2023

Weekly menu January 2—6—2023

Monday January 2—–2023
1.Salisbury steak with mushrooms sauce-$25.00 for 2 servings including tax and pan and lid
2.Cheddar cheese and jalapeno stuffed chicken breast –chicken gravy 2 servings -$25.00 including tax and the cost of pan and lid
3.Bacon and corn bread dressing stuffed chicken breast-chicken cream sauce-2 servings for $25.00 including tax and the cost of pan and lid
4.Broiled pork loin with garlic thyme pan sauce -$23.00 including tax and pan and lid
5.Spinach and jalapeno and cheese quiche — a whole quiche 10 inches for -$23.00
6. Beef lasagna -$23.00 for 2 servings
7.Chicken fried chicken with country sauce 2 servings for $23.00
Side dish: ,garlic mashed potatoes , rice pilaf ,Lemon spinach, , green beans , macaroni cheese, Salad

Tuesday January 3 –2023
1 Baked .Parmesan chicken with marinara sauce( a side)- 2 servings -$25-00
2.Salisbury steak mushrooms beef sauce –$25.00 for 2 servings
3.Chicken marsala with mushrooms– 2 servings for $25.00
4.Seared chicken breast with cream sauce—2 servings for $23.00
5.King ranch Chicken casserole 2 servings -$23.00
6.Grilled Medallion pork with honey and pineapple sauce 2 servings for $23.00

Side dishes :Garlic mashed potatoes, rice pilaf , spaghetti pasta, mix vegetables , steamed broccoli

Wednesday January 4–2023
1. bacon stuffed chicken breast – $25.00 for 2 servings
2. Baked salmon with herb lemon cream sauce-$27.00 for 2 servings
3.Chicken fried chicken with country sauce -$23.00 for 2 servings
4. Meat loaf 2 servings $23.00
5. Cheese or chicken enchiladas , or Beef enchiladas, -2 servings for $23.00
6. Broiled pork loin with pineapple and honey sauce-2 servings for $23.00
Side dishes : brown rice , sautéed red potatoes, , Mix squash and bell pepper , green peas , macaroni cheese , pinto beans ,Mix salad

Thursday January 5 -2023
1Beef stroganoff– $25.00 for 2 servings
2.Bacon spinach jalapeno stuffed chicken breast—chicken gravy 2 servings $ 25.00
3. Cheddar cheese and japeno stuffed chicken breast for 2 servings $25.00
4. Chicken Fried chicken with country sauce 2 servings $23.00
5.Beef lasagna -2 servings for $23.00
6.Roasted herb chicken with chicken gravy- 2 servings for $ 23.00
Side dishes: Long grain rice, noodles pasta, mashed potatoes , green beans , Mix vegetables , macaroni cheese
Friday: January 6–2023
1 .Cream cheese jalapeno and cilantro pesto stuffed chicken breast. with supreme sauce- 2 servings -$25.00
2. Salisbury steak with mushrooms sauce–2 servings – $25.00
3. Baked salmon with lemon capers sauce – 2 servings $27.00
4. Quiche Lorrain- a whole quiche for -23.00
5. Chicken and spaghetti casserole $23.00
6. Seared chicken breast—chicken gravy sauce-2 servings $23.00
7. King ranch chicken casserole -$23.00 for 2 servings

Side dishes: rice pilaf . spaghetti pasta, scalloped potatoes , Cream spinach
, steamed broccoli , salad mix

Monday- January 2–6 –2023
Chicken apple pecan salad , -2 serving for $23.00

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